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Sellery is the easiest way to accept Kanoo payments for your products in The Bahamas and beyond! Get started and start selling now!


One-of-a-kind and state of the art

With Sellery's intuitive Kanoo adapter, we make it simple to sell your products online.

Powered by:

  • Add Your Kanoo Merchant Account

    Within 5 minutes of signing up you will be able to add your products and display your Sellery store on any website.

  • Simple billing

    Just $29.99/mo plus 0.25% billing for up to $10,000 in revenue to get every feature we have available. No commitment - pay month-to-month and cancel when you want.

  • Instant Feedback

    Every time an order is placed on Sellery you get immediately notified. Plus our intuitive dashboard allows you to see orders as soon as they are placed.

  • Inventory management

    Low on stock? We'll let you know, set a low stock threshold and never worry about losing out!


Simple Payments - Simple Billing

No matter how many orders you process in the first 10 days you will not be charged by Sellery. No up-front payment due, and nothing to lose.


$29.99 /mo + .25%

Enjoy all of the benefits of Enterprise without breaking the bank

  • Hosted Online Shop

  • Easy to manage e-commerce platform

  • Integrates with WooCommerce and Facebook Shops

  • New features as soon as they roll out


1% + $0.30/transaction

Better rates than the banks, all the perks of an e-commerce platform

  • Hosted Online Shop

  • Easy to manage e-commerce platform

  • Integrates with WooCommerce and Facebook Shops

  • New features as soon as they roll out

Monthly Revenue processed by Sellery:

Monthly Sellery Invoice:

Frequently asked questions

What is Sellery?

Sellery takes all of the guess work out of connecting your store to Kanoo payments. Once you add your Kanoo API keys and add some products with just two lines of code you can sell your products on your website.

How does billing work for me as a store owner? What will this cost me?

Easy! Everyone gets 10 days absolutely free. On day 11 you will be sent an invoice for $29.99 which pre-pays for your next month of service. When each month is over, we calculate how many total transactions we have processed for you. If the amount of revenue processed through Sellery is under $10,000 then you are charged .25% + $29.99 on the next invoice. If the amount is $10,000+ then you are charged 1% + $0.30 for each paid transaction. In either case the invoice will display each transaction that was successfully processed through Sellery.

I do all of my orders by phone, how can Sellery help?

There are a lot of ways to take orders, Sellery's mission is to simplify as many of those ways as possible. Once you setup your store and add products, our dashboard allows you to quickly and easily create an order and send the invoice to your customer, they are sent a link to "Pay Now" and once they are done we sync that back to your Sellery Shop.

I already sell my products on WooCommerce , why do I need Sellery?

WooCommerce is an amazing tool for store owners to sell online, but until Sellery, there was no way to collect payments from Kanoo at the time of purchase. We have streamlined that scenario.

Can I cancel?

Yes! Again, we give 10 days to try it out, set it up and start seeing the benefits of Sellery. If you are not satisfied for any reason, let us know and we will cancel your account, no questions asked!

Once I sign up, what can I expect?

Once you register, we ask you to confirm your email address. Once that is done you will add a little information about your shop, add your Kanoo API key and start adding products. If you are using WooCommerce , there is no need to add any products to Sellery, you will have access to our WooCommerce payment gateway plugin, once that is installed on your site and you add your Sellery API key you are ready to take payments on your WooCommerce site!

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